Diesel Generator A Reliable Backup Power

No one can predict when a power failure is going to happen. The best defense is to have an emergency Diesel Generator ready and waiting to be put into service.

Expect the Unexpected “Anything that can go wrong will go wrong”

Say Goodbye to Power Interruptions with Emergency Diesel Generator as Backup Power 

We all are familiar with the fact that Electricity is a necessity.
We all know how much we are dependent on electricity for almost everything. It is required for many domestic, commercial as well as industrial purposes. And the requirement is still increasing day by day.

Modern society cannot function without a reliable power system. We need energy for all our activities, and we utilize this energy in various forms such as thermal, electrical, mechanical, etc.

However, electrical energy can be considered the most important of these since we can generate, transmit, distribute, convert, and utilize it efficiently and economically.

Electricity is one of the finest inventions in our lives. Everything and anything that we see run on one or the other form of electricity. The importance is understood when there is no electricity.

Power reliability becomes increasingly critical with a growing dependence on technology and interconnected systems that rely on electricity.

In the event of electric power failure, most businesses will cease to operate within no time resulting in a loss of revenue. Climate change due to global warming is leading to an increase in the number of natural calamities occurring in a rather erratic manner worldwide. Extreme weather such as hurricanes, floods, mudslides, wildfires, and tornadoes, are the main contributors to the failure of the main grid power supply.

Failure of main grid power due to storms, natural disasters, or surges in power demand is very common.

[Grid Power: Typically, electrical power supplied by the National / Local Electricity Board for industrial, commercial, and residential use is called Grid Power.]

Many factors can cause a grid power failure. Both nature and human error can result in a grid power failure. Whatever the cause, the result is the same – no power

Have you ever wondered what would happen if main grid power failed?

What happens when there is a grid power failure?

The electrical power failure affects everyone from Businesses to individuals. It affects both residential and industrial.

Electrical power failure, even for a short duration, could pose a threat to public health and safety, businesses, and create significant inconveniences for individuals. 

Grid power failure is insignificant to those Industries that do not depend on electrical operation alone.

But for the industries that mostly depend on electricity for their business to operate such as airports, hospitals, communication, and telecommunication centers, and data control centers, this could result in a heavy loss of revenue or resources, or in the worst case, a life-and-death situation if not prevented.

In the absence of electric power, life-saving equipment such as oxygen pumps, monitors, and other crucial equipment will stop working and cause serious damage to the health and lives of patients being treated or in need of treatment.

[Hospitals, data centers, water, sewage facilities, fuelling stations, communication, and transportation systems require continuous power to protect the health and safety of society.]

Apart from these applications, electrical power is necessary for food and medical refrigeration, building operations such as elevators and sprinklers as well as banking and business networks.

Another major concern about Grid Power failure is the Loss of crucial data, millions of important documents, numbers, crucial information, records, etc. can be permanently lost if servers go out of power. This can lead to a massive crisis in the medical industry and sectors like retail, banking, and finance.

Another serious issue in the event of loss of grid power is the disruption in communications. Phones directly powered by electricity cannot be used during grid power failure and people in need may not be able to contact emergency services.

In case of grid power failure kitchen appliances such as microwaves, grinders, and mixtures will stop working. In other words, cooking will be quite difficult.

Domestic appliances such as air conditioners, elevators, emergency lighting, and security services will cease to operate creating significant inconvenience for individuals. 

Today we are so dependent on electricity that we cannot live without electricity. Right from the time, we get up and till the time we go to sleep and even after that, we are using electricity continuously. Everything comes to standstill in case of power failure.

No one can predict when electrical power failure is going to occur.

“The electricity will probably fail when you don’t expect it.”

What do you do when power fails?

Do you light candles or continue without any interruption with a backup power supply?

When grid power fails, most business operations come to standstill.

How do you overcome the problem of a grid power failure?

This is possible by using an alternate source of power as backup power to the grid power supply.

Backup power is defined as any device that provides instantaneous, uninterruptible power.

The backup power system is a secondary source of a power supply providing electrical power whenever the primary source (main grid) fails.

The backup power system is very important since an uninterruptible power supply is crucial for any operation. The current backup systems include batteries and generators.

Solar, wind, geothermal, hydroelectric, battery, diesel/petrol generators, and tidal power generators are the different backup power supply sources. Each source has its advantages and limitations.

One of the most important system requirements for backup power applications is the ability to start instantly upon main power failure. The required response time is in the order of seven to ten seconds.

Traditionally, backup power has been provided by Diesel Generators because of their rapid response time, load-carrying capacity, fuel supply, availability, and reliability.  One of the most important and unique features of diesel-powered generators compared to other technologies is quick response time, the ability to start and absorb a full electrical load within seven to ten seconds of grid power failure.

[A Diesel Generator powered by a diesel engine can start and supply a full load within seven to ten seconds due to the rapid ignition of fuel within the cylinders.]

Diesel generators have been field-proven as backup power systems, and their reliability has been tested on remote sites.

Diesel generators are the most common backup power system, characterized by their reliability.

A diesel Generating set is a reliable alternate, source of power often used for meeting the electrical power requirement of establishments such as Industries, commercial, residential buildings, Hotels, Railway Stations, Telephone exchanges, Hospitals, Shops, etc. whenever there is a grid power supply failure.

If enough diesel is stored and replenished at regular intervals, the diesel generator can provide continuous power backup till the grid power supply is restored, and this is incredibly helpful as grid power failure can be unexpected and unpredictable.

Say Goodbye to Power Interruptions with Emergency Diesel Generator as Backup Power System

Diesel generators can be used as a backup power supply system for homes, shops, offices, industries, etc. in the event of power outages or when the connection to the power grid is lost. They can be used to power machinery and power tools at job sites where getting power from the grid is difficult.

Diesel generator allows you to protect your business interests, and revenues, keep operations running smoothly, avoid losing business to competitors, maintain security, and protect your bottom line.

Diesel Generators, thus, come to the rescue in more ways than one.

Modern standard diesel generators that are supplied by Genset Manufacturers are Silent, CPCB certified, and are readily available in different models.

Optionally DG Sets are fitted with an Automatic Transfer Switch (ATS) if you wish to start the Diesel Generator automatically as soon as the main’s power fails. Automatic transfer switch act as a relay between the main’s power and the emergency Diesel Generator system during the main’s power failure and when it is restored.

So, you can consider investing in a highly efficient diesel generator to ensure continuous power supply to your home and office.

No one can predict when a power failure is going to happen. The best defence is to have an emergency Diesel Generator ready and waiting to be put into service. Residential, Commercial, and Industrial premises, especially Hospitals must have an emergency Diesel Generator as a backup Power to avoid mishaps.

Power Failure Affects Everyone

Be Prepared with an Emergency Diesel Generator as a Backup Power

Buildings that do not have critical power requirements often have an emergency generator to supply power to life-safety systems (elevators, emergency lighting, security, etc.).

Large residential complexes and apartment buildings often have emergency generators for building life safety systems but do not provide power to individual units.

Get a reliable backup power system design for your building project.

We will help you to Get a reliable Diesel Generator as a backup power system

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If you are not proverbial with diesel generators, then you probably might be wondering what they are and how they work. To know Basic of Diesel Generators please click here.


Expect the Unexpected because “Anything that can go wrong will go wrong”.

The basic purpose of a diesel generator is to provide electric backup power in the event of a main grid power supply failure.

The Diesel Generating set is an alternate, reliable source of power often used for meeting the electrical power requirement whenever there is a grid power supply failure.

Having an emergency diesel generator as backup power is an excellent choice for business owners as well as homeowners to continue without any interruption in case of grid power failure.

We will help you to Get a reliable Diesel Generator as a backup power system
Contact Us: sg@suhasghatnekar.com  or Please click here to know more about us.

Electricity is a resource that comes with a cost. We should value it as a resource that has to be used carefully and wisely.

In this post, we have tried to compile all freely available information on various internet sites, so ultimately you do not need to spend your time searching for it.

Now next in the series on Power Generation we will post about the Silent Diesel Generating Set.

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