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Who We Are?

Your One-stop solution for setting up a new facility, revamping the existing facility, and procurement of accessories for DG Set manufacturing.

We are an Engineering Consultancy Services in the field of Diesel Power Generation.

We are based out of PUNE, India, to provide engineering solutions and services to small and medium, diesel generator manufacturing businesses from India, the Middle East, and Africa.

Expertise in setting up Power generation manufacturing and testing facilities, Quality systems, Operations, SCM, technical documentation, manpower selection, team building, and staff training, for small and medium-scale businesses especially start-ups, OEMs, and existing power generation businesses.

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SG Power Plus an engineering consulting firm, is started and managed by Engr. Suhas Ghatnekar. An Electrical engineer from the National Institute of Technology, Rourkela India. Suhas is an enterprising techno-commercial professional in the field of power generation with a career spanning over 40 years. Prior to starting SG Power Plus, Suhas worked in Energy and Power sector mainly with CUMMINS INDIA and its channel partners, for over 3 decades.

A thorough Manufacturing Professional with proven specialties in building production lines to optimizing manufacturing of products using techniques such as synchronized flow, JIT, and six sigma. Recognized as an expert implementer of quality control and standardization procedures. An absolute result-oriented person, always guided by strong value systems based upon Integrity, Innovation, and Trust.

What do we do?

No matter your industry or the size of your business, we can be a source of motivational and practical guidance.

We help you build the business of your dreams with our services.

We will guide you to set up your manufacturing facility, build productive teams, and make the most of the available resources.

We offer industrial management solutions for an assortment of plant tasks ranging from Factory Layout, Talent Recruitment, Selection of Machinery & Equipment, Factory Accounts Management, Auditing, Change Management.

With our experience, technical skills, and knowledge of running small and medium diesel power generation businesses, we can guide you through the various stages of setting up your SDG manufacturing plant.

SG Power Plus specializes in designing and delivering industrial management solutions. We focus on our client’s individual business goals and use a tailored approach to develop best practice strategies that enable organizations to gain sustainable competitive advantage. The construction of a well-planned, optimized project framework is paramount to ensure the smooth flow of day-to-day plant operations.

At SG Power plus, we incorporate an ideal mix of traditional methodologies that are integrated with innovative techniques. Our expertise spans a variety of industrial functions. Assembling the diverse operational tasks based on prioritization and availability of resources is imperative. We work closely with organizations to understand their desired business outcomes and then seek to deliver customized project plans that facilitate organizations in overcoming barriers and ensuring efficient productivity. Our solutions,

  • Deliver well-suited project plans that align with business strategies
  • Consider resource restraints to enable operations at lower costs
  • Enhance performance through systematic assessment and functional improvisation
  • Produce high-quality output to achieve significant business benefit

At SG Power Plus we are providing innovative and unparalleled services and solutions in the field of Diesel Generator Manufacturing, Design, New Product Development, Rapid Prototyping and Supply Chain Management.

We on your behalf can also guide and run your manufacturing facility so that You can focus on business development and other activities.

How do we work?

At SG Power Plus, we are committed to providing result-oriented customized solutions to our valuable clients. We believe in a step-by-step approach to understanding, assessing, and analyzing our client’s needs.

We help and guide you to take the first step and set things up.

We understand that most companies today are working under pressure. Issues such as budget cuts, reduction in resources, and tighter deadlines have become inevitable and such challenges are getting in the way of efficiency. Small to medium-sized businesses are struggling to find the availability of the right expertise at the right stage of operations. This lack of specialized expertise often leads to additional costs and poorly executed projects.

To avoid this risk, we participate with our clients in the planning stage. This process helps us to thoroughly understand our client’s needs and limitations while taking into consideration their business goals, technology availability, time-budget constraints, and resources available to develop comprehensive yet customized solutions. 

We take pride in providing straightforward solutions that are easy to integrate and manage. We seek to bring our in-depth industrial experience to assist organizations in improving performance and delivering high-quality, sustainable output.

Why Choose Us?

We are well-experienced business professionals with –

Younger minds.

Passion & Commitment

Honesty & Openness

Practical Approach

We help you build the business of your dreams with our services.

 We can guide you through the various stages of setting up your SDG manufacturing plant.

We will help you to develop power generation manufacturing skills and knowledge.


To become the benchmark consulting  company in the field of Diesel Power Generation by providing world-class services to clients through continuous improvement driven by the integrity and creativity


To achieve excellence in services we provide to our clients






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